The Ultimate List Of Movies That Will Make You Feel Amazing AF This Galentine's Day

Grab your bffs and some snacks, because we've rounded up the best rom-coms for a Galentine's Day binge. (No men allowed!)

Created By LordMarvelous
On Feb 13, 2019
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For those unfamiliar with Galentine's Day, it's the unofficial holiday created by Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation that's all about celebrating female friendship. While Leslie celebrates the day on February 13, there's no reason that Galentine's Day can't be any day that you and your gal pals choose to hangout — sans men.

If you're looking for a Galentine's night in, we've rounded up the perfect list of movies that are all about laughs, love and friendship.

1. Clueless - 1995

Leave Clueless off a best Galentine's Day movie list? As if! The 90s classic that has Alicia Silverstone navigating the ups and downs of her Bel-Air high school is full of hilarious lines you and your bffs will be quoting all night long.

2. Bridesmaids - 2011

This rom-com isn't afraid to venture into raunchy territory at times, but at the heart of the movie is a story of friendship. Sure the girls take things to extremes at times, but who wouldn't want to be part of Lillian's (Maya Rudolph) bridal party?

3. The Edge of Seventeen - 2016

If you looked up "quirky" in the dictionary you'd probably see a picture of Haliee Steinfeld's character Nadine. The coming-of-age movie is about growing up and just how much love can complicate things — even between best friends.

4. Baby Mama - 2008

Leave it to a pair of comedy bffs to make one of the best rom-coms of the 2000s. Tina Fey plays a working woman who wants to become a mother on her own terms and Amy Poehler plays well, the worst surrogate EVER!

5. Pitch Perfect - 2012

Did you really think we wold forget about this girl power comedy for a Galentine's Day movie binge? Don't even act like you don't know every musical number word-for-word. In fact, just add the entire trilogy to your movie list.

6. Dude - 2018

Dude may be a newer entry into the Galentine's Day canon, but it's sure to become a classic. The Netflix original film follows a group of best friends who navigate love, loss, and all the stress that comes with high school graduation.

7. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - 1997

A classic comedy for a girl's night in, Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow play two friends who want to make sure that their 10-year high school reunion is a chance to boost their less than stellar high school reputations. As expected, things don't go as planned.

8. Brooklyn - 2015

Brooklyn might fall more in the romance category than comedy, but it definitely has its funny moments. You'll probably cry too, so make sure your gal pals are ready with a tissue.

9. Girls Trip - 2017

If Bridesmaids set the bar for rom-coms that weren't afraid to get a little gross at times, Girls Trip raised it a few notches. If you don't know the scene were talking about, then you're guaranteed to laugh and cringe when these ladies hit the streets of New Orleans.

10. How To Be Single - 2016

Fact: Rebel Wilson is the funniest actress in rom-coms today. If you or your gal pal feel like your love life is in shambles, simply watch this movie about single gals in NYC and you'll instantly feel better by comparison.

11. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - 2005

This movie perfectly fits the Galentine's Day mold. Sure, the chances of you and your friends finding a magical pair of jeans isn't likley, but of course, the real magic is the bond between the friends.

12. Practical Magic - 1998

It might seem like romance would be a little easier if love potions and magic were real, but nope. The Owens sisters, two witches living in a small town, prove that love is complicated no matter how many spells you throw at it.

13. Mean Girls - 2004

The movie made a household name out of Lindsay Lohan and has become a movie classic/pop culture phenomenon at this point. Seriously, when a movie becomes so big that it gets its own Broadway show, well, that's pretty fetch.

14. Thelma & Louise - 1991

Perhaps the ultimate movie about women who are friends til the end. Thelma and Louise are two besties who get waaay in over their heads while on vacation.