All The Reasons Scarlett Johansson's The Reigning Queen Of Hollywood

She's kinda a big deal and not about to let us forget it.

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On Mar 31, 2017
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Scarlett Johansson has been a powerhouse of an actress for over a decade now, seamlessly moving between drama to action, sci-fi and comedy. Even when she doesn't appear onscreen in movies like Her, she manages to deliver a memorable performance. The woman's just talented like that.

Her new sci-fi action flick Ghost in the Shell is likely to only build upon that reputation and have fans of the cult anime story dissecting every second of it.

Not that you needed a reminder, but here are all the ways Scarlett Johansson has proven herself a queen of Hollywood.

First off, the acting...

She makes a pretty good meme.

Waaaay back in 2012, Scarlett was photographed falling on the sidewalk while in Scotland filming Under the Skin. Taking a tumble happens to everyone from time to time, but when you're a celebrity and making a movie, the internet tends to run with it.

Within hours of the photo making its way onto the web, the internet did what it does best and meme'd the hell out of it!

Did we mention multi-talented?

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With a number of dramatic and sci-fi blockbusters under her belt, it's easy to forget that Scarlett has successfully dipped her toe into the music biz as well. She's flexed her vocal chops with established musical acts like Jesus and the Mary Chain, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Pete Yorn.

Her most recent musical endeavor came in 2015, when the actress formed the indie band The Singles with members of the band HAIM.

She's an always reliable SNL host

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From her roles in indie movies like Ghost World to spots in late night show comedy skits like Jimmy Kimmel's "Hottie Body Hump," ScarJo has shown that she knows how to deliver a solid joke.

Which probably explains why she's been tapped to host SNL a whopping five times! Not bad for a 32-year old. Scarlett's most recent hosting spot was just a few weeks ago where she made her mark in sketches that poked fun of talking dogs and Ivanka Trump. It's probably safe to say that Lorne Michaels is looking at sixth hosting spot for her somewhere on the horizon.

She's kind of a badass

The girl isn't afraid to get physical.

Those amazing fight moves that you see Scarlett's characters pulling off in the Avengers series and Ghost in the Shell... yeah, it's her. While Scarlett's stunt double, does handle the more dangerous stunts, Scarlett puts in the work to make her performance as real as possible.

"If you just hand over to the experts when the going gets tough, I don’t think you are fully embracing the part," she told the Daily Mail. "I like doing the stunts. Oh, sure, it hurts sometimes. I came into work on Winter Soldier some days aching with bruises and bangs, and Samuel L. Jackson, my co-star, would say: 'So why not just hand over that stuff to the experts, Scarlett, and save yourself from pain?' and I explained to him why I just couldn’t do that."

Just don't try her moves at home.

She's a giver of GIFs

I could probably find a reason to use this GIF every day.

You can pretty much find and Scarlett Johannson GIF that corresponds to whatever mood you're feeling. Hungry? She can do that. Flabbergasted? Uhh, yep. Sexy? Duh!

Maybe you're just looking for the perfect insult, because she can do that too...

So yeah, it's pretty obvious why Scarlett Johansson is the queen of Hollywood.