19 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever To Happen On Snapchat

Everybody has embarrassing moments and thankfully, these folks captured their embarrassing moments on Snapchat for the rest of us to point and laugh at.

1. Yes, you are an idiot

This poor person, all they wanted was a delicious corn dog. Instead, they ruined a perfectly fine plastic tray and showed the world that they can't be trusted with kitchen appliances.

2. Don't be this guy

Listen up, people, signs are there for a reason. If it says "road closed," "wet cement." or simply "do not enter" then obey the sign! You don't want to be this clueless goober.

3. Will a worse driver please stand up?

Somehow a worse driver than the clueless sap above has emerged and it's the girl below. Seriously, how do you hit the only object in a huge empty parking lot?!

4. Is your friend a drooling toddler?

Redditor loveofmoz shared this embarrassing Snapchat story that should be a tip-off that they need new friends.

"My friend kept sending me snapchats of him spitting on himself in public. The last one was of him spitting directly onto the lens, and I lost it. I would have loved to be next to someone on the subway and see them spit directly at their phone, then wipe it off with a look of 'I'm satisfied with my art.'"

5. Some people can't adult

Adulting just isn't for everybody. Hey, there's definitely some shame in having to ask your mom to do your laundry at 30-years-old, but it's still better than burning the house down.

6. Busted!

You don't disturb a Subway sandwich artist when they're trying to work. Seeing that the employee had only begun to assemble the salad, the rest of that interaction was definitely very awkward.

7. This is what a bad day looks like

The only thing worse then realizing that your dinner is ruined is having to clean up the mess while you're hungry at the same time.

8. Overflow

It's bad enough when you can't measure out the laundry detergent properly. It's even more embarrassing when the entire neighborhood is witness to it.

9. Whoops-a-daisy

The guy had one job, get the coffin from point A to point B. Somehow, he managed to screw that up in the absolute worst way possible.

10. Aw, grandma had a senior moment

Getting old is just a part of life. Maybe in this situation it's best to just cut grandma some slack and choke down the cigarette-tinged cranberry sauce with a smile.

11. Fail emergency

"Hey guys, watch this..." is inevitably how this started out, followed by "somebody please call 9-1-1." Yes, it's true, these people are out walking among us every day.

12. When making copies goes wrong

Copy machines can be fickle, but geeze, what the heck happened here?! It's like somebody loaded the toner cartridge with an m-80 attached to it. Regardless, the copy repair guy is about to be pissed.

13. Sports aren't for everybody

Trying new things is good. Something tells us though that maybe rugby isn't the sport for this guy. Just a suggestion, but checkers is relatively harmless.

14. Teaching isn't for the weak

Teaching is a noble job -- even if 30 giggling 13-year-olds don't think so and make you want to reconsider your career decisions. This is what a science teacher's worst fear looks like.

15. Smooth move, bro

We all make mistakes, but this one is a real doozie. The seriously scary part is that this person probably has a license to drive and is out there on the road.

16. There's a lesson here

Somethings you just have to learn the hard way. Hopefully, this person's failure can be a lesson to all of us: if it seems too good to be true it probably is... especially if you're buying it on the street in China.

17. Abort! Abort! Abort!

We've all been there, you see that cute person out in public and try to be sneaky and snap a photo, only to realize you've been caught. Oh, we haven't all been there? Well, this not-so-smooth girl has.

18. Sometimes perks aren't perks at all

Kids do dumb things all the time. But when you're an adult and you accidentally eat a piece of soap you thought was food, well, that's just embarrassing.

19. Oof, that's gonna cost ya.

Why this person choose to document their exhibit of failure is anybody's guess. But we're glad they did, because it reminds us not to do the same dumb thing.