This Incredibly Difficult Trivia Quiz Will Determine How Big Your Butt Is

Apparently the smarter you are, the bigger your butt is - try our trivia quiz and let us know if we got your butt right.

Created By LoopyLauren
On Mar 29, 2017

What is England's largest landlocked county?

Who was Henry VIII first wife?

Who painted this?

What is the smallest country in the world called?

Who said this quote?

What is the first story in the bible?

What was Mickey's Original name?

What was the name of the very first tracked recorded via Wu-Tang song?

Who won the Brit Awards for Best British Single of the year in 1986?

Who was the first female Latin American president?



Wow you are bootylicious. Recent studies from the University of Oxford show that statistically people with bigger butts are more intelligent. Shout it loud and proud and twerk your way to the top!



You are bootiful and have got most of your general knowledge sussed. You tend to get whatever you want with your cheeky skills-even if you don't know the answers to the question!



Your booty is peachy and you prefer to focus on the chosen task and acquire specific knowledge about a subject.