How Much Of A Yes Person Are You?

To what extent do you follow your guy and go along with things in fear of missing out.

Created By LoopyLauren
On Oct 31, 2016

How often do you follow what your gut really says?

You leave an important antique on the mantlepiece and your friends child breaks it, how do you feel?

How do most people generally feel about you?

On an average day how much time do you spend on you?

Your work mate needs some help finishing off her report. She asks you for help as she needs to leave and pick up her baby, what do you do?

Your best friend rocks up and suggests going to Colombia for 1 month tomorrow. Do you go?

What is your life moral?

You have been out all weekend but there is a super cool warehouse party going, you feel so tired, what do you do?

You meet a lover who is super keen on you, what do you do?

Some offers you a stange fluroscent pill and tells you it will take you to the matrix, what do you do?

Yes Person

Yes Person

You are an absolute people pleaser. You struggle to put yourself first in life and might often find yourself in some of the most incredible situations in life but also some of the most difficult. You get extreme FOMO and will always say yes to going on a new adventure despite the consequences. You like to live life in the fast lane and you think why not embrace it now because who knows how long it will last for.

Pragmatic Person

Pragmatic Person

You can sometimes be considered a yes person but you will always weigh up a situation and see what is in it for you. You will make pragmatic lists about most scenarios and if you come out in favour then you are all guns a ho. Yes to the world however if you have deadline to finish by tomorrow morning at 8am and you are finishing dinner at 11pm, you will go home and be responsable.

Me Person

Me Person

You like to ride life in the safe lane and prefer to stick to what you know. You will always put yourself first and your happiness meaning helping others out is not your priority. You know what you like, what you want and who your loyalties lie with. If you are not feeling the vibe in a bar you will leave and don't care about upsetting or offending anyone because your number priority is you!