So You Think You're A London Transport Nerd?

We all have to use it, we all love to hate it, but secretly ... the inner geek within us just loves London's trains, tubes and buses too. But how well do you really know them?

Created By Londonist
On Dec 28, 2015
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Which is the least-used station on the London Underground?

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What number bus did the Routemaster first run on?

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The Roundhouse in Camden, is built on the site of what?

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At Temple Station the train PA tells you to 'Alight here for ... ' what?

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Oakwood tube station on the Piccadilly line was originally called what?

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There is just one National Rail station in London that is underground but NOT a tube station, what is it?

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How many platforms for trams are there at Wimbledon station?

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There is a once-a-day parliamentary train between London Paddington and what station?

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What travelcard zone is Watford Junction in?

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Which of the letters below, only appear ONCE in the name of a station on the tube map?

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