How well do you know London's chimneys?

Try to identify these Santa chutes.

Created By Londonist
On Dec 21, 2015
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How many decorative brick chimneys does Hampton Court Palace have?

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How tall is the famous Old Truman Brewery chimney on Brick Lane?

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Which species can be found nesting in the chimney of the Tate Modern on South Bank (formerly Bankside Power Station)?

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Which famous set of four chimneys is currently being demolished and rebuilt one by one?

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What was the name of Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep character in Mary Poppins?

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What is the purpose of this hidden chimney on Tower Bridge?

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In which area of London can this mural be seen?

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In which London park can you see this chimney?

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Which building do these chimneys belong to?

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