What Star Wars Clone Trooper Type Are You?

Find out what kind of clone trooper you are!

Logan Moyer
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On Dec 27, 2021

Droids are advancing upon you and your fellow soldiers, do you...

Your commanding Jedi General has ordered you to take a small force of troops with you. How many do you select?

Your C.O has made a bad decision costing the lives of many men. You....

Which Jedi are you more likely to trust?

How do you feel about Contingency Order 66?

If you have a wounded comrade in the line of fire that you could retrieve but may get harmed you....

One of your clone troopers goes rouge and kills a jedi. You...

The enemy has you in captivity and threatens to kill you if you don't give them the information you have. What do you do?

The droid commander you have spent months hunting down has your Jedi General at gun point, and will shoot the Jedi if you try to kill the Droid Commander. What do you do?

What is your favorite color?

Do you prefer...

What is your favorite mode of transport?

Would you rather...

What is your favorite planet?

Do you want to be noticeable on the battlefield?

If you found out a Trooper was romantically involved with another Trooper you would.....

Your final words would be...

Infantry Clone

Infantry Clone

The backbone of the Rebulbic Army. Your glossy white armor may shine but we will see what your skills are like on the battlefield. You may not be the bravest, or the smartest, but you certainly are loyal!

Clone Commander

Clone Commander

Sometimes following orders isn't exactly the right thing to do 24/7
you respect your men, and they respect you.
You do what you know needs to be done, in order to secure the success of the mission.

Clone Pilot

Clone Pilot

You belong in the sky, braver than an Infantry Clone, and with a spirit soaring higher than any other. you are loyal and follow orders, even if it means your life.

Arc Trooper

Arc Trooper

Following orders didn't get you to where you are today. You are the best of the best, the elite. Higher than even the clone commanders. congratulations Trooper. You're loyal, intuitive, clever, and respectful, but you know when to have fun.

Demolition Clone

Demolition Clone

Your IQ may not be the highest but hey, you get the job done. Good job soldier! Brave and reckless at times, you could use some manners in respect

Sniper Clone

Sniper Clone

Quiet, cold, and calculating. These are the words that best describe you as you pick off the enemy from the lush undergrowth of Endor. You're silent and most often times respectful and loyal, however, some disobedience may be present

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