Less Than 3% Of People Can Succeed As A Doctor. Would You?

It's not like people's live are at stake.

Liz Carlson
Created by Liz Carlson
On Jun 2, 2017
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How many years of school are you willing to attend?

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What is most appealing to you about becoming a doctor?

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A teenage patient comes in crying because she just found out she is pregnant. You...

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Which show made you want to become a doctor?

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A patient comes in who is a notorious hypochondriac worried about a mole.

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A patient comes in having a peanut allergy attack. You...

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If you find someone who is breathing but unconscious what should you do?

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You have a 12 hour shift and are exhausted but you still have a pile of paperwork to fill out. You...

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How long can a human go without water before they die?

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What is the scientific term for a heart attack?

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