Only Kind-Hearted People Can Get 15/15 On This Empathy Test

Because being kind and working hard will get you places.

Elle Van der Veer
On Feb 9, 2018

When your friends or family are sad, do you feel sad too?

Do you put yourself in someone else's shoes before criticizing them or judging them?

Do you have an instinct for understanding what makes people happy?

Do you get upset when you see someone being bullied or treated disrespectfully?

Do you feed off of others' excitement?

Do you feel the need to help people less fortunate than yourself?

True or False: I have a hard time seeing things from my friends' perspective.

Do you tend to sync up with other people's moods?

True or False: If I feel confident about something, I don't ask for others' opinions.

When friends or family tell me good news, I understand exactly why it's good news for them.

Are you annoyed when someone cries in front of you?

True or False: I believe there are two sides to every story.

Do you enjoy making people feel better?

When you're upset at someone, how do you handle it?

Do you innately understand what will make your friends and family happy?

Wow! You are highly, highly empathetic!

Wow! You are highly, highly empathetic!

You really, truly, and deeply understand people. This makes you highly empathetic– meaning you have a knack for understanding what makes them happy and sad, and how to handle those emotions within yourself. Just be careful that you don't get burnt out, because all of those feelings take a ton of energy!

Hmm. You need to work on your empathy skills, friend.

Hmm. You need to work on your empathy skills, friend.

It doesn't seem like you have the empathy thing down, truth be told. But you can work on that! With greater empathy comes greater connection between yourself and other people. Which makes for a better life for everyone, overall. Try putting more love into the world and see what comes back!