Are You Potentially Psychotic?

Find out if you're literally out of your mind.

Elle Van der Veer
On Jan 29, 2018

Do familiar places, like your house, seem strange, threatening, or otherwise confusing to you?

Do you hear unusual sounds like banging, clicking, or hissing?

Do the things around you, like your furniture, look differently than they normally do?

Have you experienced telepathy or psychic forces?

Do you feel like you're not in control of your thoughts or your actions?

When you're trying to explain something to someone, do you end up rambling or going off-topic?

Do you believe you are supernaturally talented or gifted in a way most people aren't?

Do you feel like your friends and family are watching or and/or talking about you?

Do you often have the sensation like bugs are crawling on or under your skin?

Have you ever sensed someone's presence, but they weren't actually there?

Have you ever felt like you don't exist or that you've been dead the whole time?

Have you ever been worried that something was wrong with your mind?

Do you believe in things that other people would find weird or bizarre?

Have you ever seen things that other people say they themselves cannot see?

You are potentially psychotic.

You are potentially psychotic.

According to the results of this test - which isn't at all scientific, mind you - you might possibly be psychotic. Make sure you're getting in touch with reality every once in a while. And call your mom, she's probably worried about you - okay?

You are normal.

You are normal.

The good news is that you appear to be normal! The not-so-good news? This test really isn't all that scientific. But hey, for the most part, it seems like you're doing okay. Just make sure you're on the same wavelength as everyone else!