Ultimate Toy Story Quiz

We've all seen the film a hundred times but do you really know it inside out?

Lisa Rellstab
Created by Lisa Rellstab
On Sep 24, 2015
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What handbook is in the crate with Woody when he hides from Sid?

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What is the Pizza Planet Slogan?

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Andy has two drawings of Woody next to his bed. What is he doing in both of them?

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What are the names of the food packaging that Buzz and Woody hide in at Pizza Planet?

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What is the name of the cat that interrupts Rex's search and rescue mission for Woody and Buzz?

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What is the company of the moving van that moves Andy's belongings?

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What does Buzz say his wings are made of?

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What is one of the books in Andy's bookshelf called?

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What is the real estate company that sell Andy's house called?

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Where does Mickey Mouse appear in the film?

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Where is Mr. Potato head from?

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What tea is Buzz drinking at Hannah's tea party?

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At what time does Sid's alarm clock go off?

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What is the first toy we see Sid blow up?

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Why does the Pizza Planet driver tell the gas station manager to hurry up?

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What song is playing in the car at the end of the film?

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What animal is featured on Woody's belt?

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What does Woody call the green aliens when he is being pulled out by 'the claw'?

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What is the name of the plant that the Bucket O Soldiers hide in during Andy's Birthday party?

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What sport comes on the TV at Sid's house after the Buzz Lightyear advert in which Buzz realizes he is a toy?

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In the moving van there are some other boxes- what are they labelled as?

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