How Rad are you? Test your G.N.A.R

'Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness' or G.N.A.R is a game invented by skiers Shane McConkey and Robb Gaffeny to determine who is the Raddest skier on the mountain - Take the test and find out how rad you actually are!

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Created by Basecamp - Ski Instructor Courses
On Dec 4, 2015

Have you ever skied naked

Have you ever got first lifts on a powder day?

After an epic run or in a lift queue have you ever shouted ‘I’m the best skiier on the mountain.’

Have you ever told a pro rider or instructor that you are completely better than them?

At the start of run have you ever shouted "Hey look at me. I am going to nail this. I am amazing"?

Have you farted on in a ski lift and claimed it?

Have you ever lost anything on the mountain?

Do you cut into lift Queues?

Have you ever injured yourself on the slopes and had to go home?

Have you ever called your mum while hooning down the mountain?

You are the least raddest person we know

You are the least raddest person we know

Sorry dude your about as rad as rear entry ski boots!

You could become radder by becoming a ski or snowboard instructor - Take a look at our courses, what have you got to loose...

Not rad enough

Not rad enough

You have done maybe one or two rad things but you need to do more.

One way you could be radder is to become an instrcutor. Why not check out our courses...

You could be radder

You could be radder

You have done well. Your rad but not the raddest.

Don't be ashamed, do something about it like one "improve your raddness courses" AKA ski or snowboard instructor courses.

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The raddest

The raddest

Whoa you are The Raddest rad person we have ever seen, you must be from Radland in Radsville!

But you could always be radder. How? By becoming a ski or snowboard instructor...

Here is where to look if you want to be even radder if that is even possible...