9 Ice Cream Shapes Your Instagram Game Is Lacking

Still getting the boring old swirl or ball? Wake up and smell the scooping revolution, people!

Linda Casablanca
Created by Linda Casablanca
On Jul 19, 2017

Blooming Rose

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Ice cream tastes better when scooped into the shape of a flower. FACT!



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Ice cream shaped like a unicorn tastes like winter in the magical land of Narnia.


Unicorn Part II

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A unicorn swirl in a fish cone is there to remind us that the natural enemy of the unicorn is the fish, and also that sugar is delicious.



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New rule. Carb loading before a marathon means eating twelve spaghetti ice cream cones with strawberry sauce.



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D'awwwww! These are almost too cute to eat. ALMOST. Make no mistake. These vicious frosty treats would eat you in a second if given the chance.


Baby Chick

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Eating a helpless baby chick is wrong. Unless it tastes like chocolate.


Teddy Bear

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Why get a boring one-flavored cone when you can get three? One for the right ear, one for the left ear and one for the head. It's just common sense.


Animal Trio

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This is important. You need to eat all three in this order: bear, cat, pig. Otherwise, the bear will eat the pig and the cat will go on a four-state crime spree with the bear and her cousin.



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Everything tastes better in Pokeball form. Just don't throw this at any Pokemon. You'll lose your ice cream. Also, those aren't Pokemon. Those are hipsters waiting in line for Pokeball ice cream. It's so trendy!