Can We Guess If You’re An American Based On Your Grammar?

Americans have their own style when it comes to the English language.

Linda Casablanca
On May 30, 2016

He ____ in the water.

He is sitting on the ____.

The ship is in the ____.

The ______ is in the tulips.

There is a _____ on the stairs.

There is lemon zest on the fried _______.

She is sending __ _____.

She is a ____________ student.

__________ will see you now.

Hand me that ________.



Whether you're from the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in the middle, you are USA all the way. Your Americanism may or may not show in the way you act, eat or dress, but it sure shows in the way you speak.

Not American

Not American

You're probably Australian, South African, Irish, a Brit or you might even be a Kiwi, Canadian or someone who studied the language in high school. Whatever Nationality you are, your grammar is decidedly not American.