Are You A True Skeptic?

"On the road from the City of Skepticism, I had to pass through the Valley of Ambiguity."

Linda Casablanca
Created by Linda Casablanca
On Apr 29, 2017

When you look up into the night sky, what do you see?

Without thinking too much about it, choose the photo of the doctor you would trust most with your health.

Are you concerned about climate change?

How often do you read your horoscope?

Do you believe that the moon landing actually happened?

How trustworthy are your friends?

Where do you stand on evolution?

Have you ever used a Ouija board to talk to spirits from beyond the grave?

Do you vote in every election?

Choose the activity you are LEAST likely to do.

Which source are you most likely to get your news from?

You are an extreme skeptic

You are an extreme skeptic

You are an extreme skeptic! You don't take anything at face value. You second-guess everything anyone says. Very few people are trustworthy in your suspicious eyes. Other people roll their eyes at your conspiracy theories, but they are the first ones to admit it when you're proven right!

You are a true skeptic

You are a true skeptic

You are a rare type of person: a true skeptic. You have an innate talent for spotting the truth through the lies. You can spot shoddy evidence and a flawed argument a mile away. You always seem to know what or whom to believe, though, which means, ironically, your friends tend to see you as a trusting person.

You are part skeptic

You are part skeptic

You are part skeptic and part dreamer. It's a good place to be. You use your logical brain to keep your feet grounded in reality while your head is in the clouds. You see the world for what it is, but you have a wonderful glimmer of hope that is always wondering, "what if?"

You are not a skeptic

You are not a skeptic

You're a dreamer. You're always looking for the more romantic, exciting and fantastical explanation for everything. Your friends might call you gullible, but that's okay. The world needs dreamers like you. Without dreamers, there would be no dreams, and we'd be left with nothing but darkness.

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