Are You A True Ambivert?

Linda Casablanca
On Jul 8, 2017
What is your go-to topic of conversation at parties?Anything and everything.Whatever is in the news.I avoid parties with conversations. I usually respond to what other people are saying. What is your preferred form of conversation?TextPhone callFace-to-faceWhatever fits the situation best.Do you ask the same questions on all your first dates?YesNoI used toI can't remember my last first date.How do you feel about public speaking?It's a necessary evil.It's just pure evil. It depends on the audience. I like it. Have you ever had to speak up for someone else who was being bullied or treated unfairly? No. Thank god.No, but I would.Yes. More than once.Yes. It was scary, but I'm glad I did it.Yes, but only once. How long does it take you to gather up your courage to go into a big social situation?I need a moment.Sometimes I never get the courage up. I just dive right in. I don't need courage to be social.Do you like joking around with your friends?YesNoIt depends on my mood.Yes, but I mostly just laugh at the jokes they make.When your friends need someone to do the talking, can they count on you?Yes, and they know that.Yes, but they don't know that.No, and they know that. No, but they don't know that.Have you ever done stand-up comedy or been in a play? Yes. It was fun.Yes. It was hard.Yes. It was terrifying. No.What do you do if you get very bad service at a restaurant?NothingI complain, early and often.I complain after the meal. I walk out and never come back.Do your friends know when you need some space to be alone?YesNoI don't need space.Only my very good friends.Where do you do your best singing?In the shower.At karaoke.Anywhere and everywhere. In my car. I can't sing to save my life...Where do you prefer to do your shopping?OnlineAt a large mall.At a small corner shop.At a big box store. When at the movie theater, do you ever yell at the movie?NeverSometimesOftenOnly if other people are doing it.Do you like to talk about yourself?YesNoSometimesIt depends on the situation.