6 Next-Gen Ken Dolls Who Are Giving Us The Tingles

Damn! When did Ken get hot?

Linda Casablanca
Created by Linda Casablanca
On Jul 11, 2017

Blonde Ken

Yikes! This Ken is a cutie patootie! If it weren't made of plastic, we'd want to run our fingers through that wavy hair. Is it wrong to objectify a doll? It can't be, right? He's technically an object.


Plaid Ken

Zoinks! This Ken is just straight up dreamy! This handsome-as-hell lumbersexual can stack our wood pile anytime. Hmm? No. We don't know what that means, we just keep getting lost in that smile. We can't help it.


Business Ken

Gasp! Those eyes! Those lips! This Ken is so handsome, it's almost like he isn't real. And he's not, but so what? His skinny tie says he's ready to party, and his professional hairstyle says he can pick up the bill. Me-ow!


Manbun Ken

There is just something about that little brunette swirl on this hottie's hipster head that drives us wild. It's like the cherry on top of the man-meat sundae. Speaking of meat, we wonder if there have been any other changes to Ken's...erm...his...uh...never mind.


Malibu Ken

Hot damn! Look at those eyes! What color are they? Hazel? We could get lost in them whatever they are. And dang! That hair is BANGING! It makes us think he'd be banging somewhere else, if you know what we mean. (That sounded all kinds of wrong, didn't it?)


Clean-Cut Ken

Let's zoom out a bit for this one. Holy Burly Beefcake! When did Ken get so damn swole? He must have hit the gym and hit it hard. Speaking of hitting things hard...oh, you get the idea.


We Can't Choose!

They're all so hot! Do you have a friend who dated a guy who looks like one of these hunky Kens? You have to send this list to them, right now!