Are You Refined Enough For High Society?

Will you be accepted?

Lily Garner
Created By Lily Garner
On May 12, 2015

Which dress would you choose to wear for your cotillion?

Do you know which utensil to use first?

Who would you rather meet?

How should you properly greet people?

When dancing at your cotillion, who should lead?

Should you rest your wrists on the edge of the table when eating?

Which of these things should you never do in public?

Which of these things would you rather be remembered for?

You Will Rule Them All!

You Will Rule Them All!

You have royalty in your blood!
You will not only be accepted into the higher circles, you will RULE them!
You will decide who will be accepted and who will stay mediocre, you will decide what trends will rise, and which will fall.
You will have a lot of power over people, but you must remember: with great power, comes great responsibility .

You Are Hereby Accepted!

You Are Hereby Accepted!

We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted into our social circle!
Mandatory greeting ball will be held at the local palace in 11 days time. Prepare your body and soul to ascend into a new social status!

Sorry, You'll have to repeat Charm School

Sorry, You'll have to repeat Charm School

Yeah, you couldn't fool anyone.
You are not fit for high society, you're barely fit for A society!
You should take some time and learn how to act like a grown up, then we might reconsider your request.