Are You As Smart As A Scientist Or As Creative As An Artist?

Where do YOU stand?

Lily Garner
Created by Lily Garner
On Mar 29, 2017

The train is going:

You are:

Have you ever experimented with drugs?

What interests you more?

Do you agree with the sentence?

This picture makes you feel:

Choose the best thing to do on your day off:

Which Rubik's cube can be part of this sequence?

Smart As A Scientist

Smart As A Scientist

You have the natural qualities and skills to take on the science world.
Ever since you were little you loved to experiment and discover new things, and now as an adult, you can pursue that dream and teach the world a few things.
Go forth and shine!

Creative As An Artist

Creative As An Artist

You are inspired by everything around you. You LOVE to write, paint, build, and be a part of every other artistic activity.
You have all of these ideas in your head that you want to show the world, and every time you use a different medium to channel them - Like the true virtuoso that you are.

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