Which Sacred Animal Are You Connected With?

Let's tap into the force of the universe and see which animal taps back.

Lily Darkwaters
On Jun 9, 2016

Would you consider yourself a religious person?

Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Your basic beliefs concerning religion/God(s)/the like.

How "sane" are you on a scale from 1-6, 1 being very, very sane - 6 being bat crazy.

How funny are you on a scale from 1-6. 1 being dry as grandma panties, and 6 being possible comedian level.

Have you ever fallen in love?

Explain the point of waging war.

Do you think love is something spiritual, or chemical?

Pick a letter.

Do you think there is any way there will genuinely be world peace?



No, this is not some my Little Pony horse - this is a big compliment! Horses are some of the most majestic creatures on the land, but to be fair, My Little Ponies are far more majestical.

Horse worship is mostly practiced by Turkish and Indo-European people. It is also believed that Poseidon, a water god, was formerly conceived in the appearance of a horse. The horse and the mule are holy to the Roman god. So you're basically a war-god horse, sounds like a win to me!



In the Hindu culture Lord Shiva, lord of death - by the way, yes... 0 to 100 real quick - Lord Shiva wears a Nag “Indian Cobra” around his neck as an ornament. Cobras are the most sacred among the entire snake in India.

In south India. live snakes are worshiped. The Egyptians worship a number of snake gods and in some of the Native American tribes Snake is the god who gives fair winds and causes thunderstorms. So basically, you're a storm causing patriarch of death - sounds cool to me!

Tell THAT to your partners parents in a dark alley.



You're a dog! And thank goodness because you're not a low down and dirty one.

In Nepal and parts of India, dogs carry a religious significance. Dogs are worshiped in a five-day festival known as Tihar festival. In Hinduism, the dog is considered as a messenger to the god of demise. It is also believed that they are the guard to the doors of Heaven.

Guard to the doors of heaven... that's a job I think you could get jiggy with~



The wolf holds a significant position in the foundational mythologies of Eurasia and North America. Among nomads, the wolf holds great importance in their religions. In many cultures, wolves are identified with the warrior. The one word that is never associated with wolves is weak, and that's for good reason.

You are mysterious, strong, and possibly evil - let's just throw it out there. I'm sure you can get a job really fast, there is always room for... you know... the world take over.



According to the Chinese zodiac, calendar monkeys are the ninth in the twelve-year cycle of animals.

In Hinduism, the monkey is seen as Hanuman. Hanuman is a prominent god figure. Even monkeys are worshiped in Togo and in French West Africa. The Buddhist believes that the monkey is an incarnation of Buddha. But some also believe that they are dishonest and ugly *cough*.

But in Japan monkeys are seen as teaching proverbial principle to “see, hear and speak no evil”. So yeah... you're a trio of emojis that I could have went my entire life without.



According to Chinese myth and culture tigers are among one of the 12 zodiac animals. The Chinese art and martial art consider tiger as an earth symbol. For eastern Asia culture, the tiger is a symbol of royalty, fearlessness, and anger. One word, fierrrrrrrrrrrce! Yass!

In many parts of Vietnam, there is a tiger temple in every village. Tigers are always admired for their strength, ferocity, and royalty. One can easily see tiger statues at the entrance of temples and palaces. It is believed that they keep evil spirits away from entering those places.

So... what I just heard is you're connected to a King that's ferocious, strong, and fearless? I'll take that one for 200!