Which Deity Is Your Soul Aligned With?

Let's take a look at your inner being.

Lily Darkwaters
On May 24, 2017

Choose the word you'd like to start off the beginning of your spirit journey with.

The spirit of your story is how old?

What type of area does your spirit live in?

Be honest with yourself, who is the most important person to you?

Of these choices, and they're not easy, who is the least important person to you?

Do you believe in alien lifeforms?

You are sitting in front of your worst enemy, and without having any consequence, you were asked to give judgment.

Your spirit is met with a puzzle. Solve it. Yes, there is a right answer.

Choose a planet to start a new life on.

Do you think Love has limits and restraints? You may interpret that however you see fit. "Sometimes" is not an option.



Known all across the world, and followed by just over 30% of the world, Jesus is the son of kindness and forgiveness.

You're aligned with justice, sacrifice, and understanding. While you may be tempted to push against the world, you've aligned yourself with altruism and hopefulness.

Unlike many people, you've shown the ability to be generous and selfless - so thank you for that.



Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha has an elephant head that makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

You've aligned with intellect, observation, and wit. It wouldn't surprise me if you were a joyful and playful soul.

Ganesha has also recently risen to fame as a pop icon, so get ready for the paparazzi!



You've aligned yourself with Zeus - power, strength, and utter determination.

There is no secret that Zeus would do whatever he wanted, which shows that you have the ability to be brave. However, Zeus would also have the ladies pop out babies like nobody's business, so hopefully you've been taking classes at Bedsheet Freaks Anonymous.



Amun, the god of air - meets with Ra, the god of the sun. Egyptian gods have a history of being united into greater friends, and Amun-Ra is the pinnacle of that tradition.

You're aligned with strength, intelligence, and perception - I suggest practicing on your ability to see into the hearts of those around you, it may prove to be your greatest strength.

Much like the sun, you are warm - but can become hot headed if you aren't aware of your surrounding.

Most importantly, you have to remember that even though you are the sun for many people, the world doesn't revolve around you. Give back to those around you, and continue to be the warm guide that you know you are.

The Dark

The Dark

*looks back at the answers you put in to make sure*

Hmm... yup. This fits with what you put. You are the most rare of the people who take my quiz.

You've aligned with mystery, angst, and unexpectedness. You are interesting and misunderstood.

The most important thing is that you need to be aware that you're not always easy to understand and then use that whimsy of yours in a positive way, something I absolutely think you'll be amazing at.

I'm EXTREMELY curious to hear what you think about this in the comment section, people like you tend to be hard to find - looking forward to hearing your thoughts!