What Do You Turn Into When The Sun Goes Down?

Do you know what goes bump in the night?

Lily Darkwaters
On Jul 11, 2017

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Choose a vowel that you feel is best associated with night time:

Choose the picture that you most closely associate with magic.

How many hours do you usually stay up past midnight?

Out of these four, choose your favorite power.

Do you remember your dreams?

Which of the following night classes would you like to take?

You have a star to wish on, what would you wish for?

Have you ever been afraid of the dark?

Thanks for taking the quiz! Choose a nightlight to take with you!



The werewolf has arrived!

Once the sun goes down you turn into a toothy, totally bada** beast! You have an animal inside you, and that's shown through bravery, strength, and honesty.

You're not afraid to be yourself, and that can sometimes be intimidating. So I hope you're not afraid to put on some furry ears, a scruffy tail, some pointy teeth - and get jiggy in the moonlight!



Hopefully, you have a big house because you'd turn into a dragon.

And no, I'm not talking about one of those cutesy-little-lizard-looking things - I'm talking Smaug-sized dragon. 6 story house sized dragon. Won't meet your mother in law because you gained a few pounds sized dragon. Okayyy~!

You live life like you're 100 feet tall, so you might as well be! You're ferocious, yet wise. You're wild, yet kind.

You also burn everything you cook, so I hope you like it crispy.



You're in touch with magic in a way that it's very hard for me to explain. Maybe you don't call it magic - sometimes people call it spirituality, faith, luck, or even God. Whatever you want to call it is up to you, but you're aligned with it.

You'd be a wizard, absolutely! So now all you need is a good puffy hat, a wand made of unicorn hair (you can find a unicorn in the comment section), and a magical last name.

I like Spellman, and then you can name your first daughter Sabrina - and then you'll get a black cat called Salem.

Make my sit-com fantasies come true!



I just know you're hiding a pair of tights in that closet.

I know that you have a shirt that's two sizes TOO small that you have some crazy symbol on because you turn into a superhero at night. It's bound to happen!

It's something heroic and valiant about you, and I can't quite put my finger on it. You're drawn to the world and you're fated to be a savior.

You're also fated to get a few chafes from those tights. Vaseline - thank me later.



When the sun goes down, I'm running as far away from you as possible - you'd become a vampire.

You're connected with the night on a level that many won't be able to understand. You have a mysterious affinity with after hours and being up when everyone else isn't. Perhaps you're searching the dark for something new?

I also hope you search for some vegetarian options because taking a bite out of your neighbor is sooo 2003. And no, you DON'T sparkle.



You better watch out for he who shall not be named, because you become a unicorn when the sun sets.

Oh yes! Sparkly skin and magic horn and all! You're a sweetheart, a truly kind soul who understands the importance of spreading light and joy into the world. There is nothing purer than a unicorn.

You also might want to go find a Wizard in the comment section, because Lord Voldemort likes himself a fried unicorn leg.



You are in touch with the night, you bathe yourself in darkness and come out in ninja gear. You also come out with a few ninja stars and swords, so I don't want to meet you in a dark alley.

You're quick witted, creative, and adaptable.

All that's left now is to run off to Home Depot and make some smoke bombs, maybe put some perfume in them if you want to be fancy. If you're on a budget you can just wrap some black sheets around you and do a few tumbles in your front yard at 3AM.

Your neighbors will think you're crazy, but we'll know it's your true talent!



The only thing that happens to you when you go to bed is sleep (lol!)

You're down to earth and realistic. So instead of turning into a superhero crime fighter (a very dangerous job!) or some Unicorn (that'll get hunted by Voldemort anyway), you get to go to bed.

I'd take a good night's rest over getting shot at by criminals on any given Tuesday.

All you're missing now is a cute pair of Scooby Doo pajamas.