Have You Mastered The Art of War!?

We can't go putting you as the general of an army without giving a test, now can we?

Lily Darkwaters
On May 8, 2016
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The very first thing you must do before you go into battle is:

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If you have to go to war, the aim is to:

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Going to war without strategy:

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You have taken up a sniper position in the hills, and your target is walking around inside the enemy compound, you have a clear shot, but your spotter has seen an enemy sniper targeting your backup squad outside the compound, what do you do?

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A superior number of soldiers does not always equal a greater advantage because:

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You can beat a more intelligent enemy by:

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If you are unpredictable, you are most likely to:

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You have been charged with attacking a small town in enemy territory, some of the people in the town are non-combatants but are mingled with the enemy. You have been told not to take prisoners and eliminate everyone as losses to our side would be catastrophic, how do you order your teams about the assault?

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What does it mean to be a good leader?

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The height of wisdom for a general is to:

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