Which Era in History Were You Apart Of In Your Past Life?

Have you ever said to yourself; I was born in the wrong era? I think we all have at one point! Well, it's time to open your history books because today we are going old school and finding out which era YOU are perfect for! Maybe you can find Dr. Emmett Brown and actually go back to that era and live happily ever after. After he's done helping Marty of course... (Special thanks to; Ranker and Janley)

Created By Lilbean12
On Mar 23, 2017

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The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Where You'd Live: If you wanted to be anyone who was anyone you'd live in New York, Chicago, Paris, or Berlin.

What You'd Do: Celebrate being ALIVE! Post World War I, people flocked to the big city to drink, dance, and take part in full blown debauchery until the break of dawn. You might even write the next great American novels.

Who You'd Hang Out With: If you went to Paris you'd be hanging out with expats like Hemingway, and the Fitzgeralds. If you went north to London you'd be seen out on the town with the Bright Young Things, a collective of socialites whose only rule in their manifesto was that they had to party.

The Highlight of Your Day: Going out for a drink or 16.

The '50s in America

The '50s in America

Where You'd Live: The suburbs.

What You'd Do: After the atrocities of World War II Americans wanted everything to go back to normal. There was a population boom, and large families were moving away from big cities like New York to settle down in smaller communities. You'd either be working at a high-paying job in the city before returning home for a hot dinner, or, if you were coming of age in the '50s, you'd spend your days reading EC comics and putting baseball cards in your spokes.

Who You'd Hang Out With: Guys from work, gals from around the neighborhood, or the kids who lived on your street.

The Highlight of Your Day: If you were a father trying to balance your job and the family at home, the highlight of your day was more than likely that first drink after you got out of the office.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance

The Victorian Era

The Victorian Era

Where You'd Live: If you were lucky you'd find yourself in the East End of London, somewhere near Columbia Road, but due to the overpopulation caused by the low mortality rate of the era, you might be stuck south of Bethnal Green Road, guvna!

What You'd Do: If you're were a child during the Victorian era you were definitely a chimney sweep or you worked in a factory, so bummer. But this was also the era when cricket and tennis were invented, so you'd at least be able to get some exorcise after your day spent covered in soot.

Who You'd Hang Out With: You'd probably hang out with other middle class folks at the circus (people LOVED the circus in the good ol' VE) or at a paranormal event featuring a hypnotist or a medium.

The Highlight of Your Day: Curling up with a new story by Charles Dickens, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as you warm your feet on a glass bottle of hot water.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Where You'd Live: You'd probably be near Cyprus, but you might live as far north as Naples, or even Istanbul.

What You'd Do: Your day to day would either be spent with the three F's: farming, philosophizing, or fighting, specifically with another culture that you were trying to stamp out. Most commonly, people in Ancient Greece were just trying to get by, but there were still plenty of artsy-fartsy types running around trying to figure why the sky is blue.

Who You'd Hang Out With: When you weren't going to war or inventing modern agriculture, you'd hang out with other commoners at the theater.

The Highlight of Your Day: Getting an update on the new Euripides play.

The Viking Age in Scandinavia

The Viking Age in Scandinavia

Where You'd Live: Denmark, Norway, or Sweden.

What You'd Do: You would being by hoping to trade with surrounding countries, but due to encroachment by Christian missionaries you would spend the rest of your days pillaging. Unless you weren't a viking, then you would spend your days getting pillaged.

Who You'd Hang Out With: Either other vikings, or merchants with whom you traded. It was all about business with those darn vikings.

The Highlight of Your Day: Dying in combat.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Where You'd Live: If you got in on the ground floor of the Roman Empire you probably lived in Italy, but by 400 AD if you lived in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa - you were a part of the Roman Empire.

What You'd Do: What you'd do in the Roman Empire depended on whether you were a peregrini (a person who was born free), a slave, or a freedman (a freed slave). If you were a slave you were either performing menial labor or fighting as a soldier, while freedmen where performing civil services, and peregrinis could do whatever they pleased.

Who You'd Hang Out With: Your social structure completely dictated who your friends were. Peregrinis hung out with peregrinis, freedmen wanted to hang out with peregrinis but were stuck hanging out with other freedmen, and slaves obviously hung out with slaves.

The Highlight of Your Day: Once again, this depended on your standing within society. The best part of your day could be going to sleep, but it could also be spent in a vomitorium yucking it up with other peregrinis.

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

Where You'd Live: Great Britain, specifically in a factory town like Birmingham.

What You'd Do: You'd probably work in a factory making anything from textiles to iron girders, or even steam powered machines that would soon take over your job. Unless you were a Luddite. If that was the case, you'd be destroying factories and rioting.

Who You'd Hang Out With: You'd hang out with whomever you worked with. There was no time for frivolity during the Industrial Revolution.

The Highlight of Your Day: Getting off work, taking off your boots, and washing the soot out of your hair.