Can You Survive A Horror Movie?

Do you really have what it takes to survive a horror movie? Take this quiz to find out?

Created by Life180
On Nov 7, 2015

You're home alone in your house then all of a sudden you hear strange loud noises. You think it's coming from your basement. What would you do?

You're walking home one day and you notice an abandon house. It was the same house that you saw on the news saying that it was owned by a serial killer years ago. Suddenly the door cracks open. What would you do?

Are you fast?

Which weapon would you use out of these?

How often do you watch horror movies?

One night you and your friends are hanging out in the woods and all of a sudden you hear a strange noise coming from somewhere. What would you do?

Where is the safest place you'd go or hide?

Someone is knocking violently on your door. You ask who it is but no one responds. What would you do?

You're outside your house one night and you hear creepy noises coming from outside. What would you do?

The killer is after you! What would you do?



Yes, you can survive a horror movie! You have what it takes. You will make it out alive in the end.



No, sorry but you really can't survive a horror movie. You don't really have what it takes. You will eventually die at the end.