4 Handbag Trends Straight From The Runway

Libby Kathi
Created by Libby Kathi
On Aug 7, 2019
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Chances are, that the all-weather tote bag that you have been lugging around all winter, spring and for a better part of summer is starting to look a little too well worn. Now that we are well into summer and heading towards fall, maybe it is time to give our handbag collection a much needed revamp. And from the looks of it, every high-end accessory brand and even the affordable ones seem to agree, with a whole range of new bag trends hitting the runway and our Instagram feeds. So, before you go get the best designer tote bags yet again (we know you will!), here are some more options for you to consider:

1. Belt bag

Thought the belt bag you bought in a whim last year is not cool anymore? Luckily, it still is. Fall’19 shows of major houses such as Givenchy and Chanel saw models strut down the runways with belt bags strapped to their waists. This means fresh, new styles of these bags are on their way to retailers, and if you don’t already own one, it is now time to snag one.

2. Fuzz and fur

Come fall, and we all want nothing more than to cozy up in a fuzzy jacket and shearling lined boots. The good news is that now you can have a fuzzy handbag to go with that. The collections of the likes of Max Mara, Fendi and Prada saw belt bags, backpacks and crossbody bags covered in shearling, faux fur and a whole lot of fuzz.

3. Duffle bags

One of the biggest handbag trends this season: duffle bags, but make them fashion! Brands like Louis Vuitton, Coach and Calvin Klein sent models down the runway carrying stylish versions of duffle bags and made this “only-for-weekend-trips” silhouette perfect for everyday wear. You can choose from the classic cylindrical shapes or the more recent boxier versions.

4. Barely-there bags

Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito heralded the dawn of the itsy-bitsy mini bags, with numerous other designers following suit. Burberry and Brandon Maxwell’s accessories’ collections saw them flirt with the idea of taking normal bags and shrinking them into miniature pieces that were no bigger than your palms. The runways were dotted with these barely-there bags that probably hold nothing more than your credit cards and a few coins. Even though they are kind of impractical, their cute and dainty structure makes them perfect for special occasions.

So, these are some of the “It” bags for this year. But if these trendy bags are not your thing, you can still stick to your trusty canvas tote. You can easily find cute tote bags when online shopping.

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