This Color Test Will Reveal If You're More Optimistic or Pessimistic

Do you always think of the best possible thing that can happen, or just wait to see what will probably go wrong? This color test will help you understand your attitude in life. Give it a chance!

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On Nov 22, 2021
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How many colors do you see in her hair?

That's an easy one. How many colors do you see here?

And what about here?

That color is more...

How many colors do you see here?

What is the brightest color in that photo?

This flower is more...



You tend to have a positive approach to life and you always look at the bright side. Keep shining!



Your approach to life is more negative than positive and you tend to think of the bad stuff. Don't forget that things might get better.