Can You Answer the Most Intriguing Questions About Beyoncé?

From personal things like her net worth and height to proven talent like her number of Grammys - It’s time to celebrate Queen Bey’s birthday!

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On Sep 3, 2021
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Calling all the single ladies, put your hands up because it’s Queen Bey’s birthday! It’s hard to believe, but Mrs. Knowles-Carter is celebrating her 40th birthday this weekend. That means it’s time to test your knowledge about one of the most successful and influential singers of the 21st century. We’ve collected seven of the most searched questions about Beyoncé - Now it’s your turn to try and answer them! 

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How much is Beyoncé’s net worth?

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How tall is she?

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How many Grammys does she have?

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Where was she born?

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When did she get married?

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How many kids does she have?

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How many octaves does she have?

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