Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health? Here's All You Need to Know

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On Feb 10, 2021
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Dating back to the 9th century, coffee has landed its space one of the world's most popular drinks. An old legend says that a goat herder first discovered the potential of the Coffea plant when his goats started to "dance" after eating it. The goat herder told the news to a local monk, who made a drink with the intriguing fruit. After drinking it, he was able to pray all night.

1,200 years later, coffee remains the ultimate day-starter for millions of people around the world. So before you rush to the kitchen to make yourself your first, the second or maybe the third cup of the day (don't be ashamed!), we've put together some interesting things you should know about coffee.

Now lets have a quick poll. Answer these questions and find out how similar your coffee preferences are with the rest of the population

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Now that we've learned what your coffee preferences are, let's check your knowledge about this popular energy-drink

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What are the two main types of coffee grown in the commercial market?

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Which is the world's top coffee-consuming country?

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What the word "Espresso" means in Italian?

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Can you guess what the go-to coffee of these celebs is?

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