Do You Have A Brain Of A Programmer?

How good is your brain at finding logical and efficient solutions? Test your limits now!

Leslie Rosales
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On Jan 7, 2016

When approaching a conflict, do you prefer...

What technique would you use to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar?

Which of the following problems do you think would have the most complex solution?

What do you think is more qualifying for a dream job?

Which direction is this woman spinning in?

Would you consider yourself an organized person?

Pick a way to learn new things...

What do you do when you can't figure something out?

100% Programmer Brain!

100% Programmer Brain!

You're the cream of the crop, and have scored in the most clever and intelligent percentile when it comes to programming! Programming is all about finding logical solutions to problems, and your methods of approach to the scenarios in this quiz indicated your levelheaded ability to assess and attack the situation head on with just the right amount of planning to push through efficiently. Consider a career in engineering if you don't already have one! You're a natural!

75% Programmer Brain, 25% Artist Brain

75% Programmer Brain, 25% Artist Brain

Congrats! You scored as having a 75% programmer brain! This is actually an incredible ranking to achieve, as it indicates you have a strong ability to tackle programming logic problems but also retain an intense access to your creative side! There would be no problem solving without creativity, and you have the mental facilities to create connections between imaginative and realistic solutions that not many can pull off! Continue nurturing both your logical and creative parts to your brain by challenging yourself to daily puzzles and see what great things you can accomplish!

50% Programmer Brain, 50% Artist Brain

50% Programmer Brain, 50% Artist Brain

You have a 50% Programmer brain! This means that your creative side heavily influences your problem processing skills and that you rely on imaginative and expressive solutions above all else. This is by no means a bad thing, just because you rely less on logic doesn't mean your solutions are less valid. The world needs emotionally and creatively driven people for all the artistic solutions to everyday problems. Your confidence in who you are and what you stand for allow you to make standing solutions to long term problems.

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