Orphaned Land Collaborates With Genesis' Guitar Legend, Steve Hackett

After Steven Wilson, and Turkish Legend Erkin Koray, the Oriental Metal Pioneers Have Come Together With Original Genesis' Man and Guitar Hero, Steve Hackket. Hackett Recorded for Orphaned Land's Upcoming Album, and the Band's Singer, Kobi Farhi, Sings on Hackett's New Album, "The Night Siren"

Lemur Magazine
Created by Lemur Magazine
On Apr 2, 2017
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It was Steve Hackett that called Kobi Farhi. He was looking for artists that work for peace between people, and unsurprisingly, he chose ‘Orphaned Land’. The two sides immediately clicked and started collaborating. Together with highly acclaimed Israeli-Arab singer, Mira Awad, Farhi sings on Hackett’s new album, “The Night Siren” and on the special song, “West to East”. 

In addition, Hackett already recorded guitar parts for Orphaned Land’s new album, which will be released by the end of 2017. After writing the album this past year, the band officially entered the studio these past weeks and fans are eager to listen to the new material. According to the band, The album’s name and concept will be revealed soon. 

"I was thrilled to have Kobi sing on one of my album tracks", Says Hackett to us, "His voice sounds beautiful and mystical on the track. It was equally a pleasure to do a guitar solo for an exciting track on his own album, which has a great vibe".

“It's exciting to know that when Steve Hackett researched for musicians who manage to make a change and to calm enemies - he found me”, Says Farhi, “Even more exciting is that my voice will forever appears on Steve’s songs. It is a tremendous honor and a dream come true, something to tell the children and grandchildren when time comes. I was also happy to recruit the amazing Mira Awad, who immediately enlisted in the project.” 

Hackett. Photo by: Paul Baldwin