12 Incredible New Artists From Israel You Must Listen to Now

Encompassing Genres From Electronica to Rock and Even Country-Tinged Pop. As Time Goes by, Tel Aviv Is Turning Into One of the Best Indie Cities in the World / Mor Company

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On Mar 29, 2017


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Totemo is actually Rotem Or's stage name. Or is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. She creates electronic music, combined with indie pop. Her beautiful, soft singing voice is almost addictive and her meticulous computer work, which produces a warm and rich sound, is remarkable. So far, Or released 4 EPs. Her latest called desire path and among other things, it describes her battle with breast cancer. Another wonderful thing about Or is her ability to create magic from words. Above all, she is a very good lyrics writer and if words are an important part of your music choices, you should really listen to her, and make sure you do it well enough to absorb the depth behind the lyrics.



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This trio is made up of three sisters, Liron, Tagel and Tair Haim. They make Yemenite folk dance music. Their music is a feminist gesture of the Yemeni women singing but they do create a new taste and mixture to this music, adding their special groove and touch. All three sisters studied music, sang, danced and performed together and separately ever since their childhood. A-WA's single "Habib Galbi" became a hit all over the world. Their debut album is a brand new global beat fragrance, encompassing musical melting pot of cultures.


Adi Ulmansky

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Ulmansky is probably the best female rapper in Israel and a gifted music producer with colorful innovative vision. She's not only a great rapper of course, but also an excellent singer. Imagine Grimes, but cooler. Her debut solo mixtape “Shit Just Got Real” and EP "Hurricane Girl" received worldwide publications like Hypetrak, Mixmag, i-D, The Independent, VICE’s Noisey and The Guardian. Her style was also spotted by ASOS & Top Shop and featured on campaigns by Nike & American Express. The most amazing thing about her Hip-Hop electronic and RNB sound is the fact that she makes it almost completely by herself. Besides, her videos are a true work of art. Ulmansky is touring all over the world and if you're lucky enough to catch her live you are in for a treat.


Buttering Trio

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A funky trio with heavy beats and poignant lyrics that are a wonderful fit with their sweet lead singer's voice (Keren Dun). They have a psychedelic fun style mixed with Jazz and underground be-pop. They also have managed to capture European stations and to conquer the Israeli indie scene. Their music is a rainbow in the pale Israeli sky and we can't really have enough of them.


Z Quest

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An indie electro rock duo by two talented musicians, producers and vocalists: Adir Benezra and Galor Taite. Their debut album "Ashes of Plain" Conveys the feeling of a warm electronic embrace. They sound and feel like a fuzzy combination of Radiohead, NIN, Opeth and a perfect circle that works surprisingly well. These guys are originally from the north valley of Israel and their unique sound feels like watching the great view of this valley in the winter, when it's all green and fresh but also dark and mysterious.


Lucille Crew

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This Hip-Hop blues mixed multiplayer band was named after B.B king's famous blues guitar. Lucky enough, they sound just as good as this guitar. Lucille Crew are pure bouncy joy for groove lovers and party people. The band includes many members and instruments but when you listen to them, the magic happens: they don't sound like a pile of messy notes. The bunch creates and produces a complete new musical layer and no wonder the rest of the world invites them to perform all over.


Full Trunk

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A pure – Israeli rock and roll band with that exact 60's-70's sound. Their debut album made waves in Israel and abroad. Recently they have managed to record their second album with the help of a crowd funding campaign, and decided to go on tour abroad. Please give them a warm welcome out there, they deserve it.


Doron Butnik (Mr. Butterfly)

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Butnik is one of Israel's most appreciated hard working indie artists. In the past year he has recorded and distributed almost 30 albums online. His newest mutual project with Damien Perrison, "Mr Butterfly", is an electro pop dark bittersweet candy. The duo's unique and authentic creation has a very special aroma. It simply doesn't sound like anything else. Butnik, like many other artists in the list is not only a singer or a song writer. He's a known producer that also play all the instruments in his creation by himself. He continues to enrich the music world with his voice and enlightened style.


Lola Marsh

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They have started as a duo and now they are working as an indie pop band with five members. The band performed in all the major festivals in Israel and had tours across Europe and at international festivals (including the prestigious Primavera sound Festival). With their touching lyrics, deep nostalgic vocals and Middle Eastern guitar melodies, they continue to climb up.


Hagar Levy

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Hagar grew up in Belgium and moved to Israel as a teenager. She speaks five languages. She is a singer, Songwriter, Composer and a very gifted pianist. She combines soul music with pop and soft rock and her voice reminds of the great soul singers of the past. Hagar's self-titled debut album received excellent reviews worldwide and she has recently released "Verge of your love", a new single from her upcoming EP. Jazz and soul influences are evident in her work, if you're a fan of the style - she is truly a must.


On Shoulders of Giants (OSOG)

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This band combines American folk and country music with ancient melodies from the Hawaiian Islands. Each band member came from a different musical background: they have Jazz, blues RNB, rock and even metal. Together, their goal was to use these diverse history and make splendid art out of it. OSOG's specialty is to Take the various elements of generic rock edges and translate them into a very creative South American essence. They combine acoustic slide guitars, original songs and covers for Snoop Dogg, Chris Isaac and traditional folk songs.


Tiny Fingers

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The best way to listen to Tiny Fingers is to see them live. Their live performance is a Spiritual epic experience that cannot be described in words. The band is very well known in the Israel and abroad with tours around the world, including the most prestigious festivals and clubs. They create a super intensive psychedelic post rock instrumental music, with unique guitar and synthesized sounds. Their music was received with a warm embrace of both Israeli and international audience - clearly the consequence of hard work and an innovative Avant vision of sound.

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