Your Favorite Books Will Reveal Your Type of Intelligence

There's 3 types of intelligence, logic, emotional and naturalistic. Choose your favorite books and we'll reveal your intelligence type.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 25, 2023
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There is more than one intelligence type out there and being intelligent doesn't mean being super logical and great at reasoning. Being smart comes in many forms including emotional, naturalistic, and logical! Books help develop our intellect and we often choose the books we read based on how our mind works, aka our type of intelligence.

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You have logical intelligence!

You have logical intelligence!

You have a highly analytical mind and you can easily solve rational problems and puzzles. Naturally, you think through things to get to the best solution and you always want to "get to the point."

You have emotional intelligence!

You have emotional intelligence!

You are naturally empathetic and connect deeply with others. You are great at mediating situations and giving people advice. You could be a therapist, social worker or counselor.

You have naturalistic intelligence!

You have naturalistic intelligence!

As someone with naturalistic intelligence, you are naturally connected to things in nature, plants, and animals. You may be an expert at taking care of the environment and on issues such as climate change.

What genre of fiction do you like to read best?

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