Your Choice of Desserts Will Tell Us Your Biggest Need Right Now

The creamiest and dreamiest desserts will reveal what you need in your life right now!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 2, 2024
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We all love dessert, right? Go through these creamy, chocolatey, fruity desserts and we'll tell you exactly what you need right now. Do you need some me time, more social contact with friends, feeding your brain with intelligent material, or do you need some more solid goals? If you're ready to find out what your body is truly craving, complete the short quiz below!

>> Which Country Do These Desserts Come From?

Which creamy dessert would you eat after a big meal?

Pick a dessert to eat at a birthday party:

Which frozen dessert would you eat in the summer?

Pick your favorite fruit-based dessert:

Which dessert would you eat before bed?

Pick the perfect midnight snack:

Which dessert would you eat for an afternoon snack?

Pick a dessert for the end of a stressful day:

Which dessert would you eat after lunch?

Pick a dessert you'd like to try for breakfast:

Social contact

Social contact

Social contact is at a premium these days, but you need it especally right now. Engaging with people in person releases certain hormones in our body that combat the stress response.

Setting goals

Setting goals

Some people go through life without goals or aspirations, this may have worked for you thus far, but goal setting is a need for you right now. You need to do some reflecting and come up with goals that feel satisfying to your life right now.

'Feeding' your brain

'Feeding' your brain

Your brain is starved for learning and knowledge. You may be doing tasks that are too redundant and boring throughout the day, you need intellectual stimulation to really satisfy this need.

Which sweet drink would you have for dessert?

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