Would You Live or Die in the Medieval Ages? 

Would you survive? Take this quiz to find out.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 1, 2022
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Times were tough in the medieval ages. Many people only lived until 40, and some died of plague or dysentery much earlier! Would you be able to survive medieval times? How would you deal with your health and when would you die?

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Which drink could be used as an antiseptic in a pinch?

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What skin disease were the French and English royal monarchs known to heal with single touch?

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How was the black plague caused?

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If you were severely injured, resulting in a blood wound, what kind of dressing were you given?

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If you got the Plague, what would you use for the swelling?

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What do you consume to treat impotence?

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If you contracted a disease, what would you consume to cure it?

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What was the reason for bloodletting?

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What was Myrrh used for:

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Which organ is associated with the Blood humour?

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Who would you be in the medieval times?

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