Which Rom-Com Actor Are You Secretly Most Like?

It's pre-Valentines and we're already digging out our Rom-Coms! Which cute actor are you most like?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 12, 2024
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What are your favorite rom-com movies? Valentine's Day is next month so you better believe we're already prepping with this love-ly quiz. We've chosen some funny rom-com actors that we think exude Rom-com stardom. Simply answer these love-based questions and we'll tell you which actor you are!

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How do you currently feel about love?

What's your main love language?

Where would you like to go on a date?

How many relationships have you had in your life so far?

What are you looking for right now in love?

What would melt your heart the most?

Why do you seek relationships?

What describes you best?

What's your attachment style?

Choose the heart you like the most!

You're secretly like Jennifer Aniston!

You're secretly like Jennifer Aniston!

You are naturally funny, adaptable to any situation, warm and friendly. People are automatically drawn to you and you exude a warm and welcoming aura. Like Jennifer, you always know how to liven up a situation and you have a generally open attitude to life.

You're secretly like Sandra Bullock!

You're secretly like Sandra Bullock!

You are quirky, down to earth, and unpredictably random like Sandra Bullock. Sandra is one of the most popular RomCom actresses and you're almost exactly like her!

You're secretly like Glen Powell!

You're secretly like Glen Powell!

The playful and magnetic romcom actor, Glen Powell is hiarious both on and off screen. His boyish charms will win you over every time. You are beaming and have a naturally sunny disposition, you have a knack for cheering people up and tend to be athletic.

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