Which Rare Dictionary Word Defines Your Personality Best?

Are you a Bumfuzzle, a Cattywampus, or a Taradiddle?!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 2, 2023
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Did you know that a single word can represent your entire personality? These words are a little rare, you probably haven't heard them being used out loud too much. But these rare dictionary words can actually describe someone's personality!

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Bumfuzzle means to be confused, flustered, or to cause confusion. It's derived from the Old English word, dumfoozle. As a person you may question things a lot, you are naturally funny like a regular ol' comedian and you like to confuse people with your wit!



Cattywampus is a term that describes something that is askew, in disarray, or isn't directly across from something. Ie, That fire hydrant is cattywampus from the house. As a person, you are cattywampsical, because you have a personality that's a bit right of center. You are quirky and some might see you as off beat!



Taradiddle is someone who is full of pretentious nonsense or something that's a lie. Someone who is taradiddle is charismatic and knows how to charm people. They are in a habit of telling small white lies that usually end up stirring one big lie!

Which is your favorite rare word?

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