Which Hogwarts Professor Is Your Mentor?

You're in your first year at Hogwarts and learning spells, charms, potions and most importantly, the Dark Arts. Which Hogwarts professor is your mentor? Which one will show you the ropes and protect you from Voldemort's wrath or bring you closer to the Dark Lord? Answer these Potter questions and find out who will stick by you throughout your Hogwarts term!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 26, 2022
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What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts?

Where do you hang out the most at Hogwarts?

Which pet would you choose for your first year?

What is the most likely situation you would find yourself in?

What would you do if you ran into a Death Eater?

Which professor would call you into their office?

Who do you share a secret with?

Which character betrays you?

Choose a Hogwarts meal to eat:

Who would you have detention with?

Your mentor should be...Snape!

Your mentor should be...Snape!

You are most likely sorted into Slytherin so your mentor would naturally be...Snape! Snape has your back, except when he doesn't and is preoccupied with matters at the Ministry of Magic. He is a fierce protector and will be there whenever you need some useful advice or a secret potion only available to his students.

Your mentor should be...Hagrid!

Your mentor should be...Hagrid!

Hagrid lives near the forbidden forest which means there are things he could teach you about the more mysterious side of magic. You may have an adventurous side and often get into mischief, probably a Gryffindor, making Hagrid the best choice for you!

Your mentor should be...Professor McGonagall!

Your mentor should be...Professor McGonagall!

Your mentor is Gryffindor's head of house, Minerva McGonagall. Her sternness, loyalty and protective nature mean she would be there for you, but only if you are listening to Dumbledore's orders as the two are closely linked.

Which professor would YOU choose as your mentor?

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