Which Frozen 2 Character Are You?

Frozen 2 has introduced a whole bunch of new characters! Which Frozen 2 character are you?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Dec 11, 2019
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You are...Bruni!

You are...Bruni!

Bruni is a salamander from the Enchanted Forest that takes a liking to Elsa and her powers. He is probably the most adorable character in the whole movie. If you're like Bruni, you have a big sense of curiosity and you become friends with people very easily.

You are...Lieutenant Destin Mattias

You are...Lieutenant Destin Mattias

Lieutenant Destin Mattias has successfully defended Arendelle from its enemies. He is trapped in the Enchanted forest when he meets Elsa and the crew. If your like Lieutenant Mattias, you are a bit socially awkward but extremely loyal and honorable to your cause.

You are...Yelena!

You are...Yelena!

Yelena is the leader of Northuldra. She is extremely wise and is very protective of her own. She can be weary of outsiders but eventually softens. If you're like Yelena you have an inner knowing about the workings of nature, you have deep understanding of people and of how the universe works.