Which Dream Symbols Do You See the Most? The Result Will Reveal Your Archetype

Our dreams are full of symbols that we may not even realize mean something profound. Which symbols are most prominent to you?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 13, 2023
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Jungian psychology studies dreams deeply and analyze the symbolism you might see in a dream. There's so much more behind the curtain when it comes to Jungian dreamwork. Look at the symbols and determine which ones you see most often. We can then tell you what Jungian archetype represents your psyche!

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Which dream symbol have you seen most?

Which dream symbol do you usually see?

What type of object do you see in your dreams?

Which dream animal is in your dreams most often?

Which landscape do you see most often in your dreams?

Which symbol do you see the most?

Which symbol shows up the most in your dreams?

What symbol is most prominent to you?

What type of symbol do you see in your dreams?

Which symbol is in your dreams the most?

You are The Hero.

You are The Hero.

You live your life with intention and you regularly face adversity. You stand up for others and you have an inner sense of justice.

You are The Sage.

You are The Sage.

The sage navigates life by learning about it. As a sage, you are highly intelligent and use your min on a daily basis. You are well respected and you think deeply about intensive topics.

You are The Shadow.

You are The Shadow.

The shadow archetype represents the personality's blind spot or the trickster. Shadow people are familiar with their own limitations and the darker aspects of life. They don't shy away from intense or complicated situations and can handle heavy emotions.

What kind of dreamtime experience have you experienced the most?

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