Which Christmas Movie Represents Your Personality?

Christmas is coming and you know it's time to pull out the Christmas faves! Which Christmas movie matches your personality?!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Dec 12, 2021

Have you ever had Christmas pudding?

What do you think of tinsel?

Choose a Christmas cookie:

You pop a Christmas cracker....what's inside.

Who is your favorite reindeer?

Choose a Christmas drink:

Choose a color:

What do you think of holly?

Have you ever gone caroling?

Do you believe in Santa?

The Grinch! Matches your personality!

The Grinch! Matches your personality!

You actively avoid Christmas at all cost. Oh my god you can't stand it, the commercialism, the singing, the camaraderie, when will it end! At least you can hang out with your little cousin by the punch bowl, that way no one will bother you. Let's just get to Jan. 1.

The Santa Clause! Matches your personality!

The Santa Clause! Matches your personality!

Like Tim Allen, you can be a bit...skeptical about Christmas, I mean what's the big deal. Only recently have you begun to see how great Christmas really is! It's not even about the gifts, it's about family and tidings of good joy and all that stuff. You have a straightforward personality but deep down, you're a big softie!

Elf! Matches your personality!

Elf! Matches your personality!

You are just like Buddy the Elf, Christmas is your fave holiday, obviously. Even when it's not Christmas all you can think of is sugar plums dancing in your head. You have an exuberant, outgoing personality and you love all the holly, and all the jolly. It's all about the jingle, as they say.

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