Which Character Will You Be On Your D&D Sheet?

You're playing Dungeons and Dragons, but what is your character going to be?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Oct 4, 2021

Choose a sword:

Choose a crystal:

What is your character's dominant trait?

What is your best skill?

What do you prefer:

Choose your armour:

There's an explosion in the distance, you:

Choose a number:

You are a Fighter!

You are a Fighter!

A fighter focuses on physical combat and has incredible strength and agility when it comes to conflict. Fighters have keen awareness and can anticipate moves on the physical plane.

You are a Druid!

You are a Druid!

A Druid is a priest of the Old Faith wielding the magical powers of nature and can transform into animal forms. Druids are in tune with earthly energies and have intuitive abilities.

You are a Bard!

You are a Bard!

A bard is an inspiring musician that can summon the power of music to any situation. They are creative, reflective and have many talents.