Which Alternative Milk Are You?

Let's see which alternative milk fits your personality best! Take this quiz to find out!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 7, 2023
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Even if you don't consider yourself to be vegan, you gotta love alternative milk. Coconut, oat, almond, and soy milk lend a distinct nutty flavor you just can't get with regular dairy milk. This quiz will determine which alternative milk matches your personality. How nutty and smooth are you?

Which activity draws you in most?

Which drink would you have in the morning?

Which word resonates most with you?

What personality trait do you think is your strongest?

How do you use alternative milk?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

How many friends do you have currently?

Which word resonates with you most?

What is your love language?

What is your second strongest personality trait?

You are Coconut Milk!

You are Coconut Milk!

Coconut milk is creamy and sweet! You are a sweet, empathetic person and always consider others around you. You have a relaxed vibe and people are attracted to your easygoing energy.

You are Oat Milk!

You are Oat Milk!

Oat Milk is creamy and versatile! You have a popular, fun-loving personality and can fit into many different situations and get along with lots of different people!

You are Almond Milk!

You are Almond Milk!

Almond milk is creamy and nutty! You are alternative as a personality and like to do things a bit differently. You consider yourself a unique person and you also may be a bit spiritual.

Which of these alternative milk drinks do you like most?

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