Give Us Two Minutes and We'll Reveal Your Dance Party Style

You're at a party, how do you groove? This quiz will reveal your winning dance style!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On May 9, 2022
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Choose a pattern:

Choose a wave:

Choose a number:

What is your party personality?

How do you prefer to dance?

Choose some shoes:

Choose a graphic tee:

Choose a party game:

Choose a party snack:

When do you leave parties?

Your dance style is...Rock n roll.

Your dance style is...Rock n roll.

You have an affinity for rock music, and you are truly hardcore. Think boogie-woogie jumps, faux guitar strummin' and thrashing kicks.

Your dance style is...Latin!

Your dance style is...Latin!

Latin, latin, latin, anything latin inspired like maybe some salsa steps, a tango tilt and a few boleros. You are a latin styler!

Your dance style is...Popping/Breaking

Your dance style is...Popping/Breaking

You are more of a skilled dancer and you like a good cypher. Your dance technique has been honed for years and you're ready to show it off!

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