We'll Guess How You Make Friends Based on the Easter Treat You Like Most

It's the hoppiest time of the year!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 19, 2024
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If you're like us, you know that easter treats are the BEST kind of treats. Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and multi-colored chocolate eggs stack on the shelves, and we are so ready to mow down! Sharing easter treats is actually a great way to make friends! Let's see how you make friends based on the Easter treats you'd eat!

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Your intelligence draws people to you

Your intelligence draws people to you

You are a great conversationalist and you can really carry an intellectual discussion. Friends are naturally attracted to you and love to engage in your deep, stimulating conversations.

You make friends by being a good listener!

You make friends by being a good listener!

You attract friends through your listening skills! People feel safe and are happy to tell you things they may not even tell their family members! You have reassuring, calm energy that people aren't worried about expressing themselves around you.

You're hilarious. Why even question how you make friends?

You're hilarious. Why even question how you make friends?

Let's just admit it, you're funny and EVERYONE knows it. You have tons of jokes and funny things to say constantly and this attracts you to a lot of friends. You can easily win over people by just letting your best jokes rip!

What's your favorite, classic savory easter dish?

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