This Random Correlation Quiz Will Reveal Your Love Style... Choose Carefully!

Are you eros, philia, or agape? emoji

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 9, 2024
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Look at the image and click on what you correlate most with it.
Cheese and blankets? Sure... Chairs and Pesto? Why not?! This may get a bit random, but we promise you it's all psychologically tested ;) Tell us your correlations and we'll reveal your love type!

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What do you correlate with cheddar cheese?

What about erasers?

What correlates with broccoli?

What about jeans?

What correlates with umbrella?

What about pigeons?

What correlates with a bath tub?

And a rose?

What correlates with a picnic?

And chocolate?

Your love type is Eros!

Your love type is Eros!

Your most natural state of love is passionate, romantic love with a partner. You are known as a hopeless romantic and are almost always in some sort of romantic relationship. You like to experience life with another person and you share love freely.

Your love type is Philia!

Your love type is Philia!

Philia is also known as friendship and familial love. You are a down-to-earth, generous person and you spread love wherever you go. You aren't quick to judge someone and you tend to have lots of friendships.

Your love type is Agape!

Your love type is Agape!

Your strongest state of love is very broad. You feel deeply for mankind and people in general. Sometimes you'll see a complete stranger and get a pang in your stomach for no reason. You feel their whole existence and feel the mutual connection that connects every human.

What type of date do you like most?

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