Your Preferences Will Reveal if Your Personality is More Like a Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle

Golden retrievers have their charm, that's for sure, but what about goldendoodles?!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Dec 31, 2023
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Let's find out if you're care-free and silly like a glden retriever, or more serious and athletic like a goldendoodle. Each have their own distinct personality! If you are a fan of these lovable breeds, you should definitely take this quz. Which breed are you most like?

>> Animal Quiz! What Dog Breed are YOU?

Between black and white, what color do you like most?

Which time of day do you prefer?

What type of show do you like more?

When it comes to food, what taste are you after?

You're going on a trip. Which do you prefer?

Between rain and the sun, what type of weather do you like more?

Are you a chocolate or gummy kind of person?

After a long day of work, what do you turn to?

More colors! Choose between blue and red:

Lastly, which emoji do you prefer?

You've got golden retreiver vibes!

You've got golden retreiver vibes!

Golden retrievers bring their A-game to everything they do. They are happy go lucky and always glad to see their human! You are a golden retriever and totally have golden retriever energy. As a person, you are friendly, postive, and it's like nothing ever phases yo u.

You've got some serious goldendoodle energy!

You've got some serious goldendoodle energy!

Goldendoodles are athletic, friendly, and smart! These lovable buddies are especially good with children and will stick by you whenever you need them! You are a reliable friend, social, and responsible!

What would be your favorite thing to do if you were a dog?

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