These Controversial Ice Cream Questions Will Reveal When You Will Be Kissed Next 

Ice cream can be pretty controversial. Do you prefer waffles or regular cones...what about soft serve vs. hard ice cream? Answer these questions and find out when you will be kissed next!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 12, 2023
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Do you consider ice cream to be controversial? What weird ingredient would you put on your ice cream. Do you dare use a chocolate bowl and are waffle cones a must? We all have our opinions on this popular frozen treat. The crazy part about this quiz is that by answering these complex ice cream questions, you will find out exactly when you will be kissed. Let's get started!

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What is better, soft serve or hard ice cream?

Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

Waffle cone or regular cone?

Which of the world's most popular ice cream flavors do you like best?

Hard chocolate 'magic' shell or chocolate bowls?

Homemade waffle cones, or sugar cones?

Would you eat ice cream soup?

Do you like Tiger Tail (orange and licorice) ice cream?

What is better, ice cream cake or regular cake?

Which is best to add to an ice cream cone?

You will be kissed in about a month!

You will be kissed in about a month!

Someone is playing the long game and it could be you or the person you're dating. Sometimes people need time to get to know each other before getting intimate. But, it will happen in approximately one month!

You'll get a kiss tomorrow!

You'll get a kiss tomorrow!

Whoa, someone will come into your life tomorrow and will fall for you right away! Be open to the possibility and it just might happen sooner than you think!

You will be kissed next week!

You will be kissed next week!

If you've been going through a dry spell lately, don't worry! It seems that someone will want to kiss you in one week! So don't be too closed off because they could come in sooner than you'd expect!

Which toppings would you add to your ice cream?

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