The Snacks You Choose Will Determine What Cat Breed Represents You

How are the foods you like most related to this furry friend?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 2, 2024
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Cats are pretty... relatable. You could even say that we are all cats deep inside... And our cat personality is just waiting to come out! Choose some snacks and we'll tell you which type of cat you are! Are you fascinating like a Sphinx cat, mysterious like a Bombay cat, or striking like a Persian cat?

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If these were all equal in terms of nutrition, which snack would you totally eat for breakfast?

Which snack would you order at a cafe?

Which snack would you have after a workout?

Which snack would you eat from the 90s?

Which snack would you select from a vending machine?

Which snack would you eat from a cafeteria?

Which snack would you pack in your school lunch?

Which snack would you eat from a convenience store?

How about on an airplane?

Which snack would you eat from the juice bar?

Persian Cat

Persian Cat

You are often preoccupied with physical appearance and beauty. You have a striking appearance and people notice! You may have spent most of your life sheltered and are looking for more adventure in your life!

Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat

Also known as a black cat...there is an ere of mystery that surrounds you. You have a deep sense of intuition and may even be a bit superstitious! This is kept secret, but you have a dark side that rarely sees the light of day.

Sphinx Cat

Sphinx Cat

You are truly a unique type of person. Wherever you go, attention follows and you have an incredibly deep, creative, and spiritual personality. People become fascinated by you and you can't help but be different than everyone else. Why go with the status quo when you can create your own rules?

If you were a cat, which treat would you go for?

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